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30 Best Propose Day Gifts Online in India – 2022

Propose day is the second and another significant day in Valentine’s week. To make it easier for you, we are bringing a list of the best Propose Day gifts for you.

Propose Day (8 February) is a day when people confess their love to that most special person of their life. If you feel that words are falling short for you to express love, select from our special collection of Propose day gifts.

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Express your feelings to the person you love with a sweet proposal and take your relationship to the next level.

I want you in my life more than anything else. I want you today more than yesterday and I will want you as long as there is a tomorrow in my life!

Best Propose Day Gifts in India: Propose Day Gift Ideas 2022

Propose Day (Monday, 8th Feb 2022)

Make this Propose Day memorable and enjoy the wonderful day for the rest of your life.

1. Couple Miniatures Romantic Gift

Why we like it: The realistic details not only make this a beautiful piece, but one where you can truly sense the love this romantic couple feels for each other on their special day.
Why we recommend it: On this propose day just propose the lady you love in a sweet way by gifting this romantic and cute couple miniature.

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2. Letters to My Love – 7 Cute Messages

Why we like it: 7 beautiful love letters with cute reasons why your partner should forever be yours.
Why we recommend it: This would be a perfect propose day gift to make your special one fall in love with you all over again.

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3. Printed Gold Lettering Trust Love Mug

Why we like it: An attractive and stylish design coffee mug that will enhance anyone’s coffee experience.
Why we recommend it: Gift this lovely mug with beautiful print to your beloved lady or man to make this day special for him/her.

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4. 52 Reasons I Love You Deck of Cards

Why we like it: Open each card and unfold your love and express in a manner that you have never done before.
Why we recommend it: 52 Cards with ’52 Reasons I love You’ is something that will make the girl or guy you love feel super special on this propose day.

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5. Custom 3D LED Personalized Lamp with Photo

Why we like it: 3D LED Personalized Lamp is the perfect gift for your loved one on any special occasion.
Why we recommend it: Such a unique, cute and memorable gift to get for your partner on propose day.

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6. Love You Forever Greeting Cards in Wooden Box

Why we like it: Express your love with this amazing Explosion Box gift and impress your girlfriend/boyfriend on this propose day.
Why we recommend it: Get him/her a thoughtful present in this beautiful box and make this propose day romantic and memorable for your lady or man.

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7. 100 Reasons Why I Love You Mug

Why we like it: Surprise your special one with this combo of romantic mug and a box full of 100 reasons why you love him/her.
Why we recommend it: The surprise consists of a coffee mug with the most adorable illustrations telling your special one why you love him/her and a box of 100 reasons stating the same.

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8. 3D Illusion LED Lamp

Promising Review: ‘Pretty cool thing to gift… A good blend of artistic work and technology… Hats off DESIGN ELLE Team… 👒… Keep going on with same style!!!!’ – Anonymous

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9. Girlfriend Gifts Ring Trinket Dish

Why we like it: A wonderful propose day gift for your girlfriend or wife with a sweet message of LOVE.
Why we recommend it: Make your sweet heart loved and appreciated with this beautiful present.

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10. 52 Reasons “why I Love You” Cards in Box with Handmade 3D Artwork

Why we like it: 52 cards with pre printed different reasons ‘why you love him/her’. this is something that going to make her/him feel emotional and loved.
Why we recommend it: Delight your loved one with a quirky and unique gift having extremely good quality and special appearance.

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11. Red Roses Bouquet

Why we like it: This beautiful red bouquet is full of fresh roses will speak its own language of charm and love. 
Why we recommend it: Who wouldn’t love receiving roses! Specially when you are going to express the feeling of your heart while giving this to the person you love.

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12. Love You Most The End I Win Rustic Sign for 3×3 Photo

Why we like it: Cute couple’s picture frame to gift that will be a life time keepsake gift for the person you love.
Why we recommend it: This adorable handmade string art heart would make a great propose day gift for him or her.

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13. Message in a Bottle 52 Reasons Why I Love You Gift

Why we like it: A romantic vintage keepsake gift for a special one with ’52 Reasons Why I Love You’ will brighten up your partner’s day.
Why we recommend it: Cheer your gf/bf up with such a wonderful and special propose day present.

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14. Artificial Real Preserved Forever Rose with Pot

Promising Review: ‘The level of care in sending this was/is awesome. This is really in good packing as well.. the rose itself looks beautiful, can’t wait to give this to my lady.’- Anonymous

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15. 100 Reasons I Love You: Romantic Gift Box with Love Messages

Promising Review: ‘There is nothing to dislike about the product. I have captured best expressions of that special person whom I have gifted. Messages are amazing. Cards quality is nice. Outer box is also very pretty. Overall very nice product.’ vaishnavi

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16. Acrylic Modify 3d Illusion Led Lamp

Why we like it: This beautiful lamp can be designed with any tagline and name.
Why we recommend it: Customize it with a thoughtful messages or names make an ideal propose day gift for your other half.

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17. Crown Ring with Velvet Red Rose Box

Why we like it: This gorgeous piece of jewelry features a lovely ring with a hidden message inside.
Why we recommend it: It has an inscription of ‘I Love You’ in 100 different languages. It’s the most beautiful and romantic way to show her how much you care.

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18. Personalized Name LED Night Lamp

Why we like it: You can be personalize this lamp with name or tag lines of your choice to make it more impressive and special to your partner.
Why we recommend it: Show your love to her/him in a unique and romantic way with this customizable LED lamp.

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19.  Artificial Rose And Roses

Why we like it: These soap flower contains natural plant essential oils which makes this a useful, healthy and romantic present.
Why we recommend it: This romantic rose gift box will be such a great choice to propose him/her.

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20. Handmade Sheet Cute Message Postcard Set

Why we like it: Love postcards with romantic love messages which will tempt your partner and makes an adorable gift to express your love on this propose day..
Why we recommend it: The winsome comic couple characters and love quotes on each and every Greeting Card endeavors to make a charming gift for your beloved.

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21. You are My Life – I Love You Night Lamp

Why we like it: The lamp uses multicolor light with an elegant finish. The lamp can be lit anywhere throughout the day to create a mystic feel.
Why we recommend it: Romantic, lightweight and portable lamp will make a perfect romantic gift to propose person you love on this propose day.

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22. Cushion, Teddy, Artificial Rose & Photo Magnet

Promising Review: ‘Product is really nice. I purchased this for my gf n one thing I can say that she loved it very much. Cushion cover have same gradient n appearance as shown’ – Bishnu

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23. I Love You Bottle with LED Light

Why we like it: Bottle fairy string lights with cork can be used in many different places and applications, for decoration or atmosphere lighting.
Why we recommend it: This love bottle is a cute and sweet gift to express your love.

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24. Ceramic I Love You Mug 

Promising Review: ‘Bought this as a gift for my guy, and he loved it, the mug is a little too big for daily usage but great gifting piece and affordable too. Received it without any damage!’ – Kruthika Prakash

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25. I Love You Box Sign

Why we like it: Such a unique, cute and memorable this to gift your partner on any occasion.
Why we recommend it: This cute little box with such a sweet message is something that will put smile on your partner’s face whenever he/she will see this.

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26. Combo of 2 Teddy, Love Tri-Cycle, Key Chain, Greeting Card 

Promising Review: ‘Very Nice and Lovely gift to make your near and dear one smile. My wife was very happy the moment she opened the gift. Cheers Amazon and Supplier for delivery & lovely gift. Appreciate it’ – VIKAS SADAVARTE

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27. 100 Romantic Cards Why I Love You with Reasons

Promising Review: ‘I have gifted it to my husband and he is very happy with my gift and the color of outer packing of it is so cute rosy red which gives perfect feel to my love and the best thing there 100 of romantic lines which is very very good in itself because this lines gives a love moods and good feels and quality of art and paper work is also good its also gives something special feels’ – Shivani

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28.  I Love You Quote Printed White Coffee Mug

Promising Review: ‘This came in a cute packet with a sweet little heart shaped card inside. The cup is exactly as the image and made of quality material.’ – sawmyasnair

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29. Printed Cushion with Filler, Greeting Card, Coffee Mug and Faux Red Rose

Why we like it: An affordable and romantic gift for your lover to express your feelings on this propose day..
Why we recommend it: Celebrate your love by giving him/her this romantic combo gift.

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30. Greeting Card & Artificial Roses with Teddy

Promising Review: ‘Cute gift for near and dear ones.
Fragrance is ok could have been better.
If you are allergic to smell then you need to think before ordering this.’ – GP

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Ways to Propose in Propose Day

Where to ProposeHow to Propose
Mob ProposalFind a location that looks romantic, choose a romantic song, and the peoples you are close to.  Now, propose to him/ her in a romantic voice and love. You both can also perform a dance together. 
Proposal at the BeachIf you both are at the beach, then it is another beautiful place to propose. Most import5antly, you should wait for the perfect time of the day to propose, prefer the evening.
First place you metWhen thinking about where to propose, heading back to the place where you had your first date is a classic. Go back to where it all began. 
Candlelight ProposalIt is one of the best romantic moments people feel. Go to a good restaurant and have a candlelight dinner. It is the most romantic place to propose your loved one.
Place Where you both want to goEvery couple has a bucket-list of places they want to visit together.  Sweep her off her feet by planning a romantic getaway to one of the locations. 
Mountain proposalA proposal on top of a mountain is one of the best ways you can propose. After all, you are making her feel like she is on top of the world.

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Hope you find this list of Propose Day Gifts useful and you are now set to surprise her with the perfect gift!
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