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15 Best Gifts that bring Good Luck – 2022

Gifts that bring good luck: Luck is a phenomenon that, regardless of human desire, intention or expectation, is neither fate nor fate, goes beyond its control.
There are many things that bring luck.

This is a great idea if you want to gift someone a good luck gift or a lucky charm.

Gifts that bring Good Luck

We have some attractive good luck gifts that you will love.

1. Natural Gemstone Bonsai Money Tree

Why we Recommend it: A tree represents stability as well as the overall growth in life, thus loaded with powerful gemstones to adds meaning and heal the overall torso. It mends the wounded emotions and strengthens the emotional heart to face the ups and downs of life.

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2. Dolphin

Why we Recommend it:
This is a very meaningful gift. Which undoubtedly will be meaningful and loved. It is the design and hand-crafted excellence make the gift memorable. Luxury for all.

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3. Evil Eye

Why we Recommend it:
The Evil Eye Hanging can be hanged in homes, shops, and cars. This is also used to speed up the blocked tasks and assignments
This can be hanged at the door of the home, Above Office desk, etc, next to kids study, bed, etc,

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4. Elephant

Why we Recommend it:
This Feng Shui symbol of undefeatable pair of elephants and Rhinoceros is a very powerful cure against the Violent 7 star which may result in physical harm, robbery, accidents, enemies, office politics, business competitors, and backstabbing.

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5. Praavy 925 Sterling Silver Iconic Horseshoe Necklace

Why we Recommend it:
The symbol of good luck and protection, this horseshoe pendant is the epitome of quirk and elegance.
When gifted to a loved one it conveys the message of positive energy and good vibes. This necklace has a Bassel stud attached to the chain.

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6.  Birthstone

Why we Recommend it: Including Red, Light Red, Crystal, Light Purple, Royal Blue, Light Rose, Blue Zircon, Siam, Light Peach, Light Blue, Light Green, Peridot and so on. Meet your different crafts’ needs and use your creativity to design your own jewelry.

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7. Crystal Lotus for Positive Energy for Good Luck

Why we Recommend it: The lotus is made from glass crystal which acts as a prism.
Place near a window to attract positive energy and Chin in your house.
Lotus also represents money and wealth – placing it in your homes/office also attracts money and wealth.

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8. Four Leaf Clover Charm Jewelry

Why we Recommend it: A very useful accessory for jewelry making and various art craft projects. Easily meet your different needs.
Perfect pendants to make a creative and meaningful DIY gift for your friends, family, etc.

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9. Gemo India Feng Shui Lucky Cat

Why we Recommend it: Maneki Neko Lucky Cat Waving Arm For Fortune Money And Good Luck On Top A Gold Bar with Swinging Arm Gold Battery Operated.

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10. GJ Grand JHAIJI Arowana Fish for Abundant Wealth & Good Luck

Why we Recommend it:
GJ GRAND JHAIJI Arowana is the most expensive aquarium fish in the world because of its close similarity to a dragon.
It is so expensive because of its close similarity to an actual dragon.

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11. Evil Eye Charm Bracelet 

Why we Recommend it:
This bracelet is composed of metal hamsa, evil eye, and red string. The size is adjustable, suitable for both men and women.
Usually, the red string bracelet is tied to the right wrist of a man and to the left wrist of a woman, to wish them good luck and to honor blessings on them.

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12. BlueRica Multicolour Metal Horseshoe Pendant

Why we Recommend it: Each necklace is handmade and inspected to ensure the highest quality for our customers. Great as a gift! Easily adjusts by sliding knots at each side of the necklace. 

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13. Ugaoo Good Luck Indoor Plants

Why we Recommend it:
According to Feng-Shui, Money Plant and Jade are the best plants to bring fortune, health, wealth, abundance, and prosperity to your home or office.

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14. Laughing Buddha

Why we Recommend it: Beautiful Golden Medium size (5 inches) Feng Shui Laughing Buddha, Happy Man statue for good luck, prosperity, wealth, money, abundance, and overall happiness in life.

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15. Yellow Chimes Tortoise Good Luck Charm

Why we Recommend it:
It is REAL SILVER. Dual Tortoise Charm Bracelet – Tortoise is the First Symbol of Good Luck!
Plated with Rhodium for impeccable shine and tarnish protection. Rhodium is a rare precious metal and is considered to be more valuable than gold.

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Hope you find this list of Gifts that bring good luck useful and you are now set to surprise her with the perfect gift!
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