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15 Best Congratulations Gifts for Passing Exams in India – 2022

Wanna gift something to congratulate or applaud a student for passing his/her exam, worry no more as our gift collection here is going to help you find the ideal gift.

These congratulatory gifts for passing exams are just perfect to appreciate a kid for doing good in exams. Gifting something to students or kids on their achievements is also inspires them to do great in exams in the future as well.

Read on to find the gift he/she deserves for their great examination success.

Congratulations Gifts for Passing Exams

Following congratulatory gifts for passing exams will surely make the kid feel appreciated:

1. Personalized Congratulations Chocolate and Flower Gift Box

Why we Recommend it: Congratulate him/her on their passing exams with this personalized chocolate box.
This delicious and yummy chocolate definitely makes his/her day.

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2. Nintendo

Why we Recommend it: It’s a perfect gift for a game lover that just got passed his/her exam.
This Nintendo gaming system will let them play the games they want, wherever they are, however they like.

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3. Reusable Wirebound Notebook

Why we Recommend it: This reusable wire-bound notebook is something any student would love to have.
A stationery gift to appreciate them to score great in their exams.

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4. Chumbak Strong Is The New Pretty Wrist Watch

Promising Review: ‘Beautiful watch for the gift and personal use. Quality is classy. Looking so good and worthy product. Design is unique and special.’
Kabilan kb7

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5. 29 INCH Mountain Bicycle

Why we Recommend it: One of the best gifts you can get for doing well in an exam for a young student is a bicycle.
A gift that will also help him stay fit and active as well.

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6. Urban Forest Tammy Ladies Leather Wallet Combo

Why we Recommend it: Bring a smile on her face by gifting this gift combo. A combo of functional gifts to celebrate her achievement.

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7. Elegant Casual Laptop Backpack

Why we Recommend it: Perfect backpack to gift him/her for passing their exam and getting into the next class.
It an elegant laptop backpack with different compartments and ample space.

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8. Assorted Luxury Chocolates Gift Box

Why we Recommend it:  It is an assorted chocolate box that contains luxury chocolate bars inspired by center-filled desserts.
You can’t go wrong with this.

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9. Alpha-Glide Skate Scooter 

Promising Review: ‘One of the best cycles for children, the material quality is great and the style and design are great for kids Super Strong Built. Height-adjustable also comfortable…’Abhar Mishra

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10. Black Dotted Journal

Why we Like it: A handy travel companion, the notebook’s durable leatherette cover protects the pages inside and doubles as a convenient writing surface, making it easy to write in the notebook from just about anywhere.

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11. Sterling Silver Real Pearl Pendant with Chain Gift

Why we Recommend it: A jewelry gift to a girl/woman for moving one step closer to her dream.
A simple yet elegant necklace pendant that will look great with any of her outfits.

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12. Ferrero Rocher Chocolate

Why we Recommend it: Give him/her a treat of yummy chocolate by gifting this chocolate box.
A great gift to make them feel appreciated and happy.

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13. Fastrack reflex 2.0 Uni-sex activity tracker

Why we Recommend it: This activity tracker is going to help them in a lot of things.
It’s going to help them be healthy, organize better, and do many more things.

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14. Headphones

Why we Recommend it: If he/she doesn’t have headphones already, then you can also gift these epic headphones with some great features.

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15. jaspo Hurricane Speedex Fiber Skateboard

Promising Review: ‘100 % good quality, happy with the purchase..for children above 7 years, the board is broad and the wheels are strong and the wheel fittings are tightly fixed.’kalaiwani

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Hope you find this list of Congratulations Gifts for Passing Exams useful and you are now set to surprise her with the perfect gift!
If you have comments or questions, feel free to post them below.

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