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30 Best Chocolate Day Gifts Online India – 2022

The best way to enter one’s heart is to enter through the stomach and so we have listed a mouthwatering range of valentine’s chocolate day gifts.

So please don’t wait to grab one and gift it to your loved one on this Chocolate Day.

Chocolate Day (9 February) is the third day of Valentine’s Week. Great day to impress your loving valentine, do not miss this opportunity. Exchanging chocolates on this day and increase the sweetness of a romantic relationship.

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The chocolate day celebration is incomplete without a bar of chocolate. Life is not successful without true love. Will you be my love forever?
Happy chocolate day dear.

Best Chocolate Day Gifts in India: Chocolate Day  Gift Ideas 2022

Chocolate Day (Tuesday, 9th Feb 2022)

Love is the only emotion in the world that fills you with an overwhelming surge of affection for the special person in your life.
With something as sweet as chocolates, you can never go wrong in expressing LOVE!

1. I Love You Chocolate – a Special Message Chocolate Gift

Why we like it: Artistically designed and Hygienically packed chocolate in an attractive box.
Why we recommend it: Chocolate with a special romantic message written on it will make a perfect Chocolate Day Gift for your partner.

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Why we like it: An amazing chocolate box to send as a gift to mesmerize your girlfriends or boyfriend.
Why we recommend it: Mouthwatering luxury chocolates in a beautiful box with a sweet message.

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3. I Love You Chocolate

Why we like it: Spell out your chocolate day love message in a unique and creative way with this beautiful handcrafted chocolate bar.
Why we recommend it: A gift that will surely win a heart on any special day like this.

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4. Ferrero Rocher Premium Chocolates

Promising Review: ‘Ferrero Rocher are one of the topmost international favorites of all time. Frankly, I was a bit skeptical while placing the order after reading certain reviews. But anyway I did place the order and I have received a fresh pack of sealed chocolates. They are absolutely genuinely and I guess the price is a steal deal!’ – Priyanka

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5. I love you more than Yesterday, Crunchy Chocolate Bar

Why we like it: Made from the finest imported ingredients this bar will surely appease him/her.
Why we recommend it: A delicious chocolate with such a sweet message won’t fail to impress her/him.

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6. Lindt Excellence 85% Cocoa Chocolate

Why we like it: This blissful bar embodies the essence of cocoa beans, with a roasted aroma of coffee and wood.
Why we recommend it: An ideal kind off chocolate to gift your super health copious gf/bf.

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7. I love you 24-Piece Chocolate Box

Promising Review: ‘Really happy that I bought it. Great chocolate to gift to the loved ones. Got the product in perfect condition and design is also awesome. It’s delicious and would recommend others to buy it… 👍’ – Shweta Saini

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8. Handmade Almond Date Chocolates

Why we like it: Made with rich dark, milk and white chocolates these date, almond enriched chocolates can make anyone their fan.
Why we recommend it: It would be a wonderful chocolate box to gift your other half on this Chocolate Day.

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9. Gluten Free – Single Origin Dark Chocolate

Why we like it: A healthier and tasty option to choose to make the chocolate day special for your partner.
Why we recommend it: 100% vegan and gluten-free chocolate with a great taste is definitely gonna impress your gf/bf who takes health seriously.

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10. A Special Chocolate Gift

Why we like it: Such a unique and beautifully designed chocolate with a sweet message to make his/her day special.
Why we recommend it: Customize your special message on this beautiful chocolate and express the feeling of your heart in the sweetest way.

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11. Ambriona Ecuador Single Origin 71% Dark Chocolate

Promising Review: ‘Amazing taste and smooth consistency made for a wholesome chocolate eating experience. Being vegan and gluten free means one can enjoy it worry free. A must try for every chocolate connoisseur.’ – Anonymous

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12. Every Moment I Spend with You Dark Chocolate

Why we like it: Premium luxury chocolates that will surely appease your loved ones.
Why we recommend it: What would be a better gift than a delicious chocolate bar for your special person on the chocolate day.

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13. Chocolates Square Shape Gift Box

Promising Review: ‘packaging and chocolate taste is awesome. I ordered three boxes for all family members. They all liked it. Before purchasing I compared rate with few other makers l find it value for the money. Nice taste in such a reasonable price makes this product a worthy purchase.’ – Renu

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14. Lovely Chocolate Basket

Why we like it: Delicious Belgian chocolate in a distinct and gorgeous packaging.
Why we recommend it: Chocolate basket comes with 25pcs of chocolates that will be perfect to gift your loved ones.

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Why we like it: A bright red-colored gift box containing 9 white and milk chocolate duet with I love you printed on each chocolate.
Why we recommend it: This romantic and beautiful chocolate gift box is something that will make your woman or man feel special not only on the chocolate day but on any other special day.

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16. Chocolate with I Love You Bar

Why we like it: Chocolate full of flavors that includes almond, heavenly milk, bittersweet dark, strawberry melody, orange duet, fruit n nut, and nougat crisp.
Why we recommend it: This I love you chocolate bar with classic range truffles is just the perfect gift to express your love on chocolate day.

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17. Midiron Chocolate Gift Box

Why we like it: A cute nd romantic-looking chocolate box that will make a perfect chocolate day gift for your sweetheart.
Why we recommend it: Heart-shaped yummy chocolates in a beautiful heart-shaped box to sweeten his/her mouth and stir the sweetness of love in your relationships.

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18. Luxury Chocolate Heart Bonbon

Why we like it: Gift packed in an Elegant Golden Box. Each Chocolate is individually wrapped in silver foil to keep it fresh and safe.
Why we recommend it: Assorted Chocolate Hearts, a perfect chocolate bonbon Gift for your sweetheart. 

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19. Luxury Chocolate Wooden Box Hamper

Why we like it: An organic feel wood box containing An organic feel contains a box of 6 chocolates.
Why we recommend it: A chocolate gift box that has more than just chocolates. These chocolates comes with some other delicious items, packed in a beautiful wooden box.

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20. Assorted Chocolate Gift Pack

Why we like it: A moment of pure magic and unforgettable feeling with all your delicious chocolates inside, this gift pack is designed to be loved by everyone.
Why we recommend it: Variety of chocolates that will give him/her a delightful experience.

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21. Silk Love Box with 16 Assorted Chocolates

Why we like it: Silk Love box with 16 assorted mouth-watering chocolates.

Why we recommend it: Yummy chocolates in a beautiful box that is perfectly finished with matching ribbons and motifs.

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22. Ferrero Rocher, 16 Pieces

Promising Review: ‘Well no doubt that Ferrero Rocher is largest consumer of hazelnut in the world. This is really unique chocolate and no one can replace it. Every chocolate has its own uniqueness so does it. I have ordered 3 times till now for personal and gifting purpose. Packing is awesome plus the price is cheaper here. I got for around 400 each time.’ – Vipul Mahajan

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23. Love Box with Chocolate

Why we like it: The elegant pack contains individually wrapped pieces in variant colors of gift wraps, which makes it a treat not only for the taste buds but also your eyes.
Why we recommend it: Make the special person in your life feel special and adored on this Chocolate Day with delicious MANTOUSS chocolate hamper.

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24. Chocolates with Butterscotch Rich Creamy Gift Pack

Promising Review: ‘I like the taste and quality its awesome and great , chocolates are in different shapes and packed in heart shape box , same as appearing in image. If you’re looking for a truly special box of luxurious chocolates to give to your one then this box is perfect one.’ – Amit Gupta

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25. Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk Miniatures Chocolate Gift Pack

Why we like it: A gift pack of chocolate that contains 24 delicious miniature bars of different flavors.
Why we recommend it: Impress your lady/man with these crave-worthy chocolates.

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26. Chocolate Pack And Britannia Cake

Why we like it: perfect chocolates to add some sweetness in your partners life.
Why we recommend it: Celebrate the chocolate day with him/her by gifting these yummy chocolates.

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27. Luxury Healthy Sugar Free Dark Chocolates

Why we like it: Healthy sugar free dark chocolates with exquisite look & assorted flavors. 
Why we recommend it: Show your chocolate girl/boy how special he/she is for you by gifting these chocolates that are full of flavor.

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28. Luxury Assortment of Chocolate Truffles

Why we like it: Different mouthwatering flavors: original truffle, orange truffle crunch, peanut crunch, original almond, milk chocolate truffle, milk almond rocks, caramel twirl, mocha magic, and nutty fruit crunch.
Why we recommend it: Chocolate that meant to bring you closer to your loved and add sweetness to your relationship on this chocolate day.

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29. Handmade Chocolates Sweets (Pack of 24)

Why we like it: Here is something unique, beautiful and full of flavors to spoil your love on this chocolate day.
Why we recommend it: Exquisite packing delicious chocolates and sweets to make anyone’s day sweeter.

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30. Coconut and Rich Coffee Filling Chocolates

Why we like it: Chocolate that offers a unique taste experience of contrasting layers that engages all the senses.
Why we recommend it: Ideal for sharing with your loved ones on cholate day.

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Chocolate Brands Best selling Chocolates
CadburyDairy Milk, Silk, Bourneville, Bourn vita, 5 star, Éclairs, Nutties, Perk
NestleKit-Kat, Milky Bar, Bar-one, Munch, Aero
Amul Amul dark chocolate, Amul fruit n nut, Amul mystic mocha
Chocholikluxury belgium chocolates
Mars Galaxy, Snickers, Bounty, Mars, M&M’s
Campco Dark Compound Slab, White Compound Slab, Milk Compound Slab
FerreroFerrero Rocher Premium Choclates, Ferrero Rocher Chocolate
HersheyHershey syrup, Brookside, Hershey chocolate spread, Jolly rancher
Lindt and Sprungli Lindt Swiss milk chocolate, Lindt Napolitains, Lindt Lindor milk chocolate, Lindt Lindor white chocolate truffle, Lindt Swiss gold premium dark chocolate
Toblerone Toblerone milk chocolate, Toblerone white chocolate with honey, Toblerone Fruit and nut chocolate
Ghirardelli Chocolate CompanyGhirardelli milk chocolate fudge, Ghirardelli dark and sea salted caramel chocolate, Ghirardelli intense dark hazelnut chocolate, Ghirardelli dark chocolate raspberry

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Hope you find this list of Chocolate Day Gifts useful and you are now set to surprise her with the perfect gift!
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