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21 Best Birthday Gifts for 9 Year Old Girl in India – 2022

Not sure what to buy for your 9 year old baby girl for her upcoming Birthday? Look no further!
Our curated collection of birthday gifts for 9 year old girl in India has everything you need. We have researched the best gifts that will appeal to a wide range of interests.

Say goodbye to boring birthday gifts! If it’s adorable, useful, interactive, and made just for a nine year old, you’ll find it here.

Birthday Gifts for 9 Year Old Girl | 9th Birthday Gift Ideas for Girls

With this list of gift ideas for 9-year-old girls, you should be able to easily make the best choice when looking for that perfect present.

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Ready to start shopping?

All the gifts that have been mentioned below are the best Birthday gifts you can find online in India for 9 year old girl.
Scroll to find the perfect gift that will light up her eyes. 

1. Faber-Castell Design Series Aquarelle Water Color Pencils 

Why we Recommend it: With the touch of a wet brush rich pencil Colors dissolve into brilliant water Colors. Shade options and are ideal for both wet and dry use. Triangular shape gives better comfort and control and also prevents rolling.
Thick leads are specially SV bonded to ensure superior break resistance and sharpening. 

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2. Study Table & Chair Set

Why we Recommend it: A multi-angle, desktop that meets different learning needs of your child from – reading, writing to drawing.
Features a hidden pencil-box, book lock, pen groove, and a flexible book stand which can be used at different angles.

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3. White Button Girl’s A-Line Maxi Dress

Why we Recommend it: Your Little Princess Will Certainly Steal The Limelight At The Next Wedding Party When She Wears This Green Coloured Gown With Dupatta From Cartyshop.
The Beautiful Embroidery And Embellishment On This Gown Highlight Its Visual Charm, While The jacquard Fabric Ascertains Pure Comfort.

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4. Connect 4 Shots

Why we Recommend it: Bounce ’em in for the win the connect 4 shots game is fast-paced, rapid-fire fun in a race to get 4 shots in a row count down to start: 1-2-3 bounce two players bounce the lightweight, colorful balls into the grid at the same time. Remember, the balls must hit the table before going in. 

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5. Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk Chocolate Bar

Why we Recommend it: Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk is all about experience in the chocolate’s richness and creaminess. In short, Indulge in the premium chocolate delicacy.

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6. Teddy Bear

Why we Recommend it: OSJS Toys creates all their soft toys with great emphasis on quality and durability. They are made with extra love, care, and attention; hence we’re proud to introduce you to a variety of irresistible cuddly cute soft toys, cushions,s and many other items for your beloved one. 

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7. Jungle Magic

Why we Recommend it: Diy (do it yourself) educational game/ toy for well being of your kids. Kit contains environment-friendly parts, a detailed easy to understand step-by-step instruction manual, colors, and learning materials.

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8. Roller Coaster Marble Slide

Why we Recommend it: Is it a pool table? Is it a roller-coaster? It is both! Because this is the Smartivity Roller Coaster Marble Slide!!!
We have mashed up a marble run and a pool table to design the Smartivity Roller Coaster Marble Slide STEM Educational DIY Toy kit. This project is based on the fundamentals of gravity, centrifugal force, and banking. 

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9. Skill Games

Why we Recommend it: Skillmatics was started with a clear goal – to develop high-quality educational products/games which build core skills and reinforce key learning concepts – all through the joy of play! This wide range of products is filled with truly innovative content and highly engaging activities which will ensure your child enjoys hours and hours of fun learning!

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10. Pirate’s Telescope

Why we Recommend it: We believe that with the right inspiration, motivation and access, every child can be an innovator, creator, and a maker of a better future. It is the perfect gift for aspiring engineers and tinkerers!

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11. Super Word Spy

Why we Recommend it: Easy to play. Roll the dice, draw a mission card. Use your skill and speed. Be the first to make a word with the letter tokens. Changing word lengths, thinking in categories and bidding keeps the game exciting. Collect 5 cards to win.

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12. Hard Eva Pencil Cases

Why we Recommend it: Ofsign presents multipurpose pouches for anyone.
There are a number of compartments inside which allows you to keep mobile phones, Tabs, money, makeup equipment, medical and Engineering instruments, organize the pencils, pens, erasers, Brushes, rulers, sharpeners and other stationery accessories in it in a safe way.

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13. LEGO DOTS Pineapple Pencil Holder

Why we Recommend it: Creativity and storage on display! Kids can stretch their design and self-expression skills as they decorate the fun boxes, following the pattern suggestions in the packaging or coming up with their own, fresh look.

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14. Panda Coffee Mug

Why we Recommend it: Panda Coffee Mug gift this cool mug for the 9-year-old girl. Perfect birthday gift for 9 years old girls.

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15. Mechanical Hand

Why we Recommend it: Have you ever wanted a robotic hand of your own? Well, The Smartivity robotic hand is just for you. With its realistic hand anatomy, the fingers move just like your hand fingers. You can grab things, make hand gestures, open door handles and even play catch! 

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16. Barbie Kids Play Tent House

Why we Recommend it: Barbie play tent will provide comfortable playing space for your kids.
This play tent resembles a Cottage and kids will love to spend time All on their own in this play tent.
This tent is easy to set up and features a door with curtains to give it a realistic look.
This tent has fun bright colors that will fuel kids’ imaginations for hours of indoor play.

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17. Adiva Kids Satin Gown Dress for Girls

Why we Recommend it: Dress your little girl in this Gown from Adiva available on Amazon. Pair it up with a cute hair accessory and closed shoes for her to shine on the best friend’s birthday.

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18. Funskool Handycrafts Sand Art

Why we Recommend it: This activity kit is perfect for children to expand their creative minds and create artwork of their own in a fun, innovative way. Select your choice in color and spread sand around the sticky back to design a beautiful creation.

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19. Beetle Panache Kids Cycle

Why we Recommend it: We firmly believe that kids need to start their cycling journey in style and offer some of the most stylish paint jobs on our bikes. Own European style designs made available in India.

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20. Chalk And Chuckles Art and Craft Keychain Dolls

Why we Recommend it: A unique DIY set with ribbons, beads, and illustrated guide for creating 15 wooden keychain dolls. Get innovative with beading. Great for a special birthday party or playdate ideas.

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21. Dog Pillow Cushion

Promising Review: I bought this for a toddler. He just loves it. It’s really comfortable and safe for toddlers. This is the perfect gift!-Rishwa Kamat

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Hope you find this list of Birthday Gifts for a 9 Year Old Girl useful and you are now set to surprise her with the perfect gift!
If you have comments or questions, feel free to post them below.

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