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21 Best Birthday Gifts for 6 Year Old Boy in India – 2022

Not sure what to buy for your 6 year old baby boy for his upcoming Birthday? Look no further!
Our curated collection of birthday gifts for 6 year old boy in India has everything you need. We have researched the best gifts that will appeal to a wide range of interests.

Say goodbye to boring birthday gifts! If it’s adorable, useful, interactive, and made just for a six year old, you’ll find it here.

Birthday Gifts for 6 Year Old Boy | 6th Birthday Gift Ideas for Boys

With this list of handpicked gift ideas for 6-year-old boys, you should be able to easily make the best choice when looking for that perfect present.

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Ready to start shopping?

All the gifts that have been mentioned below are the best Birthday gifts you can find online in India for 6 year old boy.
Scroll to find the perfect gift that will light up his eyes. 

1. Blaze Storm Gun Blaster with 10 Foam Bullets

Why we Recommend it: The Blaze Storm is a Manual gun for young children to play with. Equipped with 10 pellets that are soft and spongy, this gun can shoot up to a distance of 10 meters. It is a 1 trigger 1 shot and you need to pull the lever per shot. 

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2. Mars Globe Space Exploration

Why we Recommend it: Scan the Orboot Mars globe with the app, explore and interact with the missions, discover 1000+ cool facts, and play adventurous Mars games. Develop essential STEAM skills such as scientific thinking, problem-solving, perseverance, and space science.

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3. Marvel By Kidsville Boys’ T-Shirt (Pack of 3)

Why we Recommend it: Look trendy and feel comfortable with this character printed boys’ half sleeves pack of 3 t-shirts featuring Kidsville crafted out of 100% cotton fabric which is bio-washed for a smooth feel and befriend to the skin, this 100% cotton can be worn for any occasion, a casual day during the week or for a fun-filled weekend or leisurewear.

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4. Book Toys Spelling Puzzle

Why we Recommend it: This beautifully packaged set is a delightful learning gift for kids. Not only will it provide hours of fun, but the learning from this gift will also be cherished for a lifetime. All Book Toys come with a book, designed to build an early love for reading in young kids.

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5. Fantastic Optics Kaleidoscope STEM

Why we Recommend it: Relive the spectacle of your childhood with Smartivity Fantastic Optics Kaleidoscope stem, educational, learning, science, DIY toy kit. Introduce your child to an infinite sequence of patterns, a dazzling world of colors. 

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6. Cotton Full Sleeve Top and Pyjama Set

Why we Recommend it: Let your child experience comfort clothing with this full sleeves top and pant pajama set by Hopscotch. It offers a snug fit as it is made with a combination of soft fabrics.
The cute graphic print and the perfect fitting make it ideal for your child to wear this at home or during bedtime, in other words, it is comfortable to wear all day long.

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7. Shifu Plugo Count – Math Games with Stories & Puzzles

Why we Recommend it:  Plug Count triggers auditory, visual, and tactile senses in kids and Spurs their comprehension abilities, critical thinking, logical reasoning, and mathematical intelligence. It is the perfect gift for kids who love numbers.

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8. Science Lab DIY, Activity Kit

Why we Recommend it: Hand-eye coordination is the ability to coordinate the information received through the eyes with the hand movements, to accomplish a task.
The visual input through eye movement is processed in our brain.
The brain then sends a signal to the muscles to move to a specific location. The muscles then control the movement of the fingers or hands to accomplish tasks.

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9. Stacking robots toy

Why we Recommend it: High Quality & Safety & Durable: Magnet is the most important part of this toy. We choose a natural permanent magnet for the last magnetism. Magnetic blocks can be easily combined. These stacking toys made of non-toxic and durable ABS plastic material. No edges and corners, so no need to worry about hurting children.

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10. Blue Casual Backpack

Promising Review: I have bought this as a present for my son. The bag is durable and spacious. Delivery was very fast. It arrived the next day.-Neha Mhatre

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11. DIY Catapult Basket Ball Kit 

Promising Review: Beautiful dollhouse, quality is just superb. My daughter just loved the cute doll furniture and dollhouse. Really very nice. Superb gift for 6+ year kids.-Vineeta

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12. Roller Coaster Cum Gravity Maze Toy

Why we Recommend it: Marble race track can develop your little one’s hand-eye coordination, logical thinking, creativity, color and shape recognition, spatial imagination ability, patience, and problem-solving skills. This is a great way to introduce children to trial and error.

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13. Height Range Cross Country Bike

Why we Recommend it: This strong handsome hunk comes with a double-disc brake, 21-speed gear system, and dual suspension. He can be folded and carried wherever you go in the car. The special design of the frame gives you the feeling of a king while riding. RHINO FLYER is suitable for kids of age 5-9 years with height 3.3 feet to 4.5 feet. 

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14. Smartivity Blast-off Space Rocket STEM Toy

Why we Recommend it: Every child wants to be an astronaut. And with Smartivity’s Blast Off Space Rocket S.T.E.M. Educational D.I.Y. Toy kit, your child (6+ years) can bring their imagination to life.
This kit is based on the principles of elasticity, gravity, thrust, and propulsion.
The kit contains all the elements that a child can assemble a rocket and rocket launcher and launch their own missions.

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15. Mechanix Monster Buggies Toy

Why we Recommend it: Zephyr brings yet another international class engineering set of Mechanix for you. This set was designed out of a pure passion for rugged off-road vehicles.
To have fun while learning, this set is crafted from high-quality steel which is powder coated and finished perfectly for the ideal feel and finishes.

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16. Jam & Honey Boys Pajama Bottom

Why we Recommend it: Jam & honey range makes your little one look cute in our cotton set from our collection! Features easy-on-the-eye bright colors to choose from. 100% cotton knit, machine washable.

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17. Stacking Tower Game

Why we Recommend it: Happy with the product and quality. As of now, blocks are looking for genuine wood material, will come to know better about wood quality after using it for some days.
Outer box quality is good, you can easily carry it for a picnic. Overall happy with the Product and those who are looking for a Jenga game for family and kids can give it a try.

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18. Soft Bullet Gun with 6 Foam Bullets; Handcuff and Telescope

Why we Recommend it: This high-Speed Manual Gun comes with Soft Bullet which is suitable for cool shooting games for kids. Both manual gun and soft bullets are made with high-quality material and come with integrated cool design which attracts kids and keep them busy with Police and thief pretend play.

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19. Imagimake 5-in-1 Awesome Craft Kit

Why we Recommend it: This craft kit comes with everything you need from the markers to the googly eyes. With each activity designed to have just 3 easy steps and be comfortably done by a 5-year-old – this kit not only nurtures creativity, problem-solving, and motor skills but also boosts the self-confidence of kids as they are able to independently create a variety of masterpieces.

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20. Genius Box Learning STEM Toy

Why we Recommend it: Choking Hazard – Not suitable for children under 3 years due to small parts. Adult supervision recommended. Please remove all packaging material before giving it to a child. Retain packaging for future reference.

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21. Boy’s Regular Fit T-Shirt

Why we Recommend it: Logical reasoning is the ability to think through a situation or problem and apply strategies to resolve them. Logical or rational thinking helps refine a child’s high-level thinking skills and problem-solving abilities.

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Hope you find this list of Birthday Gifts for a 6 Year Old Boy useful and you are now set to surprise him with the perfect gift!
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