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21 Best Birthday Gifts for 14 Year Old Girl in India – 2022

Not sure what to buy for your 14 year old baby girl for her upcoming Birthday? Look no further!
Our curated collection of birthday gifts for 14 year old girl in India has everything you need. We have researched the best gifts that will appeal to a wide range of interests.

Say goodbye to boring birthday gifts! If it’s adorable, useful, interactive, and made just for a fourteen year old, you’ll find it here.

Birthday Gifts for 14 Year Old Girl | 14th Birthday Gift Ideas for Girls

With this list of gift ideas for 14-year-old girls, you should be able to easily make the best choice when looking for that perfect present.

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Ready to start shopping?

All the gifts that have been mentioned below are the best Birthday gifts you can find online in India for 14 year old girl.
Scroll to find the perfect gift that will light up her eyes. 

1. Cocktail Knee Length Dress

Why we Recommend it: Spruce up your wardrobe with this dress from ELENDRA available on Amazon. This Cocktail dress is perfect for a day out with friends or a night of get-togethers with family. You can layer it with a denim jacket or a single-lined blazer and you’re sure to make heads turn.

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2. Headphones 

Why we Recommend it: iClever toddler headphones survive the hard treatment of little kids. The headband is twistable and also easy to adjust. It is flexible to accommodate a wide range of head sizes. Soft earmuffs deliver a comfortable feeling while listening. There is very little clamping pressure.

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3. Coffee Mug

Promising Review: Lovely product, I bought it almost a year ago and have been using it at work to keep my coffee hot for a longer duration, I so loved it that I bought one for my brother as well, you see like sister like a brother thing, no we are happy lazy panda siblings in love with their coffee mugs.-varsha Monica samuel

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4. Girl’s Cotton Hooded Hoodie

Why we Recommend it: The More & More Men’s Sweatshirt doesn’t just keep you warm on a winter day, it makes you look good too. the sweatshirt is ideal for a quick workout as well as a trip to the cafe after work.

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5. Frantic Teddy Bear Toy

Why we Recommend it: Super soft and fluffy material creates a truly huggable teddy bear that any child will loveA big chubby teddy bear made up of non-toxic plush fabrics and filling material is fiber.

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6. LAGHCAT Unisex Mermaid Tail Blanket

Why we Recommend it: This mermaid blanket will be your best choice in the depth of many girls’ or women’s heart, there must be a beautiful mermaid dream. Now we help you to realize your mermaid dream. Get a LAGHCAT mermaid blanket, you will dive into the dream world of being a mermaid. 

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7. Barbie Girl’s Bbpgcs2107 Sneakers

Why we Recommend it: Barbie, This product is made from canvas material on the inside and outside and is finished in an attractive Pink color. It features a PVC sole and is designed to be used as casual footwear. Clean with a soft brush when required.

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8. Open Secret Birthday Gift

Promising Review: First of all the quality, packing, and taste of cookies are awesome.
To top it the presentation is equally good. The package was complete with 2 rakhis, kanku & chawal in tiny containers, a cute bro card, and a nice message from the company.
My brother loved it so much, I got one cookie box for me too. :-)-A S Sheth

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9. Roller Skates 

Promising Review: It’s very excellent and in very good condition and some time late delivery but the quality of this product is the very good and high level I am very impressed with her products-Gulshan

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10. Swarovski Butterfly Designer Bracelet

Why we Recommend it: Yellow Chimes is the most renowned brand all over India for its designer jewelry made from Original Swarovski Elements. 6 months warranty against manufacturing defect. A Warranty card will be sent along with the product in the box.

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11. Funskool Othello

Why we Recommend it: Children should play games that allow them to think outside the box and make use of their grey cells. Instead of playing video games or any regular game, gift your kid the Funskool Othello board game and watch his or her bright young mind make a difference. 

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12. Ortus Arts Games Solitaire Board 

Why we Recommend It: The Handmade Indian Round Wooden Game Board Gifts Set with Glass Marbles is entirely handcrafted by talented woodworkers from the Uttar Pradesh region of North India. Fabricated out of Sheesham hardwood, the game board has a recessed middle that helps to keep marbles in place. 

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13. Vector X Hoola Hoop

Why we Recommend it: This battleship board game is the classic game of naval combat that brings together competition, strategy, and excitement! In a head-to-head battle, 2 players search for the enemy’s fleet of ships and destroy them one by one.

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14. Table Lamp

Why we Recommend it: Wooum Rechargeable LED Touch On Off Switch Desk Table Lamp with Mobile Holder Touch Switch, 3 Modes LED Table Lamp (White).

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15. HIDE & SKIN Two in One Utility pouch cum Pencil stand

Why we Recommend it: This product is made using 100% top grain leather which is the most expensive leather. Each product has distinctive marks which reflect the genuineness of leather.

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16. Oliveware Teso Lunch Box with Bottle

Why we Recommend it: Easy to carry containers along with a durable covering bag. You can keep these containers altogether safely in this bag. It’ll ensure the longevity and portability of this product. Built-in slot for a water bottle inside the bag.

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17. Cube Puzzle 

Why we Recommend it: Recyclable material and stickerless: the speed cube is made of non-toxic ABS material and long-lasting stickerless plastic; ideal for kids’ early cognitive development, speedcubing beginners, and puzzle enthusiasts.

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18. Zitto Teddy Bear Toy 

Why we Recommend it: Made out of non-toxic polyester and fur fabrics of good quality, excellent poly-staple and conjugate filling fiber used has good resiliency making it most appropriate for machine or hand wash.

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19. Mattel Scrabble Board Game

Why we Recommend it: Scrabble is one of the premier board games and is fun for not only kids but also adults. The Mattel Scrabble Junior board game is a wonderful representation of Mattel Scrabble Original. The Scrabble Junior from Mattel caters to all age groups. 

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20. Asmodee Dobble, Multicolor

Why we Recommend it: In Dobble, players compete with each other to find the matching symbol between one card and another. Every card is unique and has only one symbol in common with any other in the deck.
The match can be difficult to spot as the size and positioning of the symbols can vary on each card. As the game is based on reactions and visual perception, rather than knowledge or strategy, there is no advantage for adults over children, making it the perfect family game.

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21. Ultimate Banking Edition Board Game

Why we Recommend it: Challenge friends and family and play the Monopoly Ultimate Banking game! This game presents a modern banking version of the Monopoly game in which Monopoly money is no more! Featuring an Ultimate Banking unit with touch technology, players can instantly buy properties, set rent, and tap their way to fortune.

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Hope you find this list of Birthday Gifts for 14 Year Old Girl useful and you are now set to surprise her with the perfect gift!
If you have comments or questions, feel free to post them below.

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