birthday gifts for 12 year old girl

21 Best Birthday Gifts for 12 Year Old Girl in India – 2022

Not sure what to buy for your 12 year old baby girl for her upcoming Birthday? Look no further!
Our curated collection of birthday gifts for 12 year old girl in India has everything you need. We have researched the best gifts that will appeal to a wide range of interests.

Say goodbye to boring birthday gifts! If it’s adorable, useful, interactive, and made just for a twelve year old, you’ll find it here.

Birthday Gifts for 12 Year Old Girl | 12th Birthday Gift Ideas for Girls

With this list of gift ideas for 12-year-old girls, you should be able to easily make the best choice when looking for that perfect present.

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Ready to start shopping?

All the gifts that have been mentioned below are the best Birthday gifts you can find online in India for 12 year old girl.
Scroll to find the perfect gift that will light up her eyes. 

1. Chocolate Gift Hamper

Promising Review: The contents of this gift pack are a collection of some of the exotic chocolates, some even not available in the open market. So it’s completely worth buying from here.-Vatsal

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2. Roller Skates

Why we Recommend it: These quad roller skates are man-made using a vinyl material that creates a breathable, yet durable skate with a Powerful steel Plate. 

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3. Teddy Bear

Why we Recommend it: OSJS Toys creates all their soft toys with great emphasis on quality and durability. This soft toy into their bedroom will give them endless hours of fun-filled playtime.

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4. Stationery Bag 

Why we Recommend it: Lightweight but sturdy 300D Oxford outer & PU Oxford lining, provides this pencil bag great protection against dust, scratches, and abrasions. Equipped with a strong zipper which uses silicone zip pull, easier to grip and control, bring you the best smooth feeling.

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5. Educational and Construction Activity Toy

Why we Recommend it: it is a range of new-age stem products that teach children construction, analytical and problem-solving skills as they create their own, functioning machines.

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6. Flower Flat Fashion Sandals

Why we Recommend it: girls will love the new cut-out flower design of these adorable jelly flats! The playful but practical gemlike uppers also come with an adjustable strap for a secure fit. Versatile enough to go from playtime to special occasions, they’re the perfect warm-weather option for your special one.

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7. Smartivity Chess Attack

Why we Recommend it: Traditionally, Kubbolino is a Swedish outdoor game in which participants have to knock off kubbs of the opponent by slinging huge, missiles at them with a catapult. Smartivity has re-designed this activity as a cross between Kubbolino and Chess with Smartivity Knock ‘Em Rock ‘Em Kubbs STEM Educational DIY Learning Toy Kit.

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8. Skybags Frozen

Promising Review: It’s very light and my daughter is enjoying it a lot. Material is good and fashionable too. Overall wonderful.-mohan atul

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9. Fishing Game

Why we Recommend it: This fun multiplayer game comes with 4 rods and individual cubes to collect fish. Practice your fishing skills with your friends and family. It will provide hours of fun and entertainment for kids and children.

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10. Hasbro Gaming Hearing Things Game

Why we Recommend it: The Hearing Things Game, Hasbro’s twist on the online viral ‘Whisper Challenge’ sensation, the Hearing Things Game has players guessing what they think their teammate is saying by reading their lips. One player puts on the speech-canceling electronic headphones and the other player says the random phrase shown on the card. 

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11. Brainvita Unique Game

Why we Recommend it: The Ancient Egyptians developed the first set of marbles, creating a game that is every bit as enjoyable and popular today as it was centuries ago. With our Handmade Indian Round Wooden Game Board Gifts Set with Glass Marbles, you can enjoy this traditional game while adding an exquisite decoration to your decor.

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12. Zvata Hexpert

Why we Recommend it: Hexpert is a version of the award-winning Take it Easy!, a quick tile-laying strategy game for 1 to 6 players. It has won multiple awards and recognition all over the world including the prestigious ‘Spiel Des Jahres Recommendation’ in Germany and the Dice Tower Seal of Excellence.

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13. Smartivity Stop Drop Gravity Transporter

Why we Recommend it: Learn the fundamentals of Gravity and Pulley Mechanism through play! Through building this awesome game, children also learn about gravity and weight, and how the force of gravity affects motion.

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14. Air Freshner Sterlizer/Sterlization/Sanitizer 

Promising Review: A good sterilization card in this price range
Effectively purify the air around the body
Easy to use and a pleasant smell
I think it’s a value for money product-Rahul

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15. Mattel Games Junior Pictionary Board Game

Why we Recommend it: A more compact portable version of the classic board game where players try to get other players to guess words and phrases by sketching to each other.
The travel case holds a notepad, two pencils, two movers, a die, a mini timer, and 550 words so you can take Pictionary with you wherever you go for an instant party with friends and family.

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16. Smartivity Roller Coaster Marble Slide 

Why we Recommend it: Is it a pool table? Is it a roller-coaster? It is both! Because this is the Smartivity Roller Coaster Marble Slide!!!
We have mashed up a marble run and a pool table to design the Smartivity Roller Coaster Marble Slide STEM Educational DIY Toy kit.
This project is based on the fundamentals of gravity, centrifugal force, and banking. 

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17. Smartivity Globe

Why we Recommend it: Play Physical Single/Multiplayer Games games with the globe as your Spherical Gameboard, Race Around The World – where children use the dice to race from start point to endpoint on the globe.

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18. Foto Factory Gifts Personalized Caricature

Why we Recommend it: Personalized caricature printed on a wooden cut-out in a comic form. This product line has a matt sheen and vivid color reproduction ensuring that your pictures look as amazing as they should. A print that never fades away.

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19. Buildables

Why we Recommend it: Buildable is a range of new-age STEM products that teach children essential construction, analytical and problem-solving skills through the joy of creating their own functioning meaningful machines that they can use on a daily basis!
Build, learn and explore as you construct your simple machines with step-by-step instructions, practical application of key science concepts, and lots of exciting challenges!.

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20. Carrom Board

Why we Recommend it: CORNERS Matte Finish Carrom boards are famous for their smooth playing surface and excellent re-bounce capabilities. Supplied in box packing with 100% GSM bubble cushioning from all sides inside the box. This can be sent anywhere in the world through courier.

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21. Michael Storrings Cuba 1000 Piece Puzzle

Promising Review: This is an amazing but complex puzzle. Buy it only if you can do without the reference on the back of the jigsaw pieces. This is an artwork turned into a puzzle.-Anonymous

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Hope you find this list of Birthday Gifts for 12 Year Old Girl useful and you are now set to surprise her with the perfect gift!
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