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21 Best Birthday Gifts for 11 Year Old Girl in India – 2022

Not sure what to buy for your 11 year old baby girl for her upcoming Birthday? Look no further!
Our curated collection of birthday gifts for 11 year old girl in India has everything you need. We have researched the best gifts that will appeal to a wide range of interests.

Say goodbye to boring birthday gifts! If it’s adorable, useful, interactive, and made just for an eleven year old, you’ll find it here.

Birthday Gifts for 11 Year Old Girl | 11th Birthday Gift Ideas for Girls

With this list of gift ideas for 11-year-old girls, you should be able to easily make the best choice when looking for that perfect present.

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Ready to start shopping?

All the gifts that have been mentioned below are the best Birthday gifts you can find online in India for 11 year old girl.
Scroll to find the perfect gift that will light up her eyes. 

1. Naughty Ninos Rayon Pleated Dress

Promising Reviews: Very good quality of fabric. Shell is rayon. The lining is 100% cotton. Pleasant to child’s skin. The skirt has a polyester petticoat for volume, but it doesn’t touch the body.-G.K.

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2. Ferro Mania Money Magnate

Why we Recommend it: Introduce your child to the concept of finance and workings of money and banks in this fun new Smartivity STEM, learning, educational, and construction activity toy! This simple and unique game makes children use their ingenuity to collect and use money in interesting ways to achieve victory!

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3. Cotton Velour Hooded Bathrobe

Why we Recommend it: The bathrobes from Aspire are a way lot better than towels as they are stylish, warm, and luxurious. A dip in the pool, a slide in the water park, or a beach-side sea swim is the right solution to hot summers.

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4. Chocolate Gift Hamper 

Why we Recommend it: For a special treat, why not send one of our Food Library chocolate gift hampers, packed with a delicious selection of tasty treats

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5. Mix n Match Color Imaginator

Why we Recommend it: For a birthday special treat, why not send one of our Food Library chocolate gift hampers, packed with a delicious selection of tasty treats.

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6. BDay Gifts for Girls – Customized Photo Frames 

Why we Recommend it: Made of natural wood, your photo and text will be engraved on wood and the end result will look amazing and this will be the best 11th birthday gift for a girl.

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7. The Game of Life game

Promising Review: What a lovely game it is… The moment it entered the house… All other board games have taken a back seat. My kids are hooked to this game. It’s been more than a week… We got this… And 2 other board games with it… But after trying all other games… Kids are regularly continuing with this one… I think… That says it all.-Anju Sharma

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8. slime kit glitter and sparkle

Why we Recommend it: Simple and easy Slime-making recipes. Mix and match the glue and slime activator to get the right squishy and glittery slime. Detailed instructions available in the Manual included in the kit.

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9. Windmill Making Kit

Promising Review: It’s a must to buy the product. It’s so easy to build up and u may learn new things out of it…I would recommend everyone to buy it.It is not too costly and any age group can access it…-Pardeep Kakkar

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10. Sasuke Uchiha Final Form Chibi Figurine 

Why we Recommend it: Sasuke Uchiha perfect for kids, show window display, etc ideal collection, and gift for birthday.

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11. The Game Of Life Electronic Board Game

Why we Recommend it: Nostalgic tabletop gameplay meets interactive digital content for an immersive gaming experience. Hasbro gaming imagines and produces games that are perfect for every age, taste and event.

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12. Once Upon a Time

Promising Review: Very good game for the kids to play. The play tokens provided for holding the cutouts of ship and pirates is small and does not hold them properly. The cutouts should have been smaller.
Overall good product for the kids to keep busy.-Ankur Prahladka

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13. NERF Ultra Five Blaster

Why we Recommend it: Experience NERF ultra blasters — the ultimate in NERF dart blasting! NERF ultra blasters have advanced design and performance to deliver extreme distance, accuracy, and speed. They include ground-breaking NERF ultra darts — the farthest flying NERF darts ever, featuring an innovative flight tip, aero fin technology, and NERF ultra foam. 

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14. Gaming Connect 4

Promising Review: The quality is really very nice and it’s a fun game. Can keep adults and kids engaged for hours!
It dint come properly packed hence could have got damaged but we were lucky nothing happened.-mrunalini jadhav

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15. Chain Reaction Colliding Dominoes

Why we Recommend it: This activity offering introduces players to fundamental STEM concepts like a domino effect, force, momentum, gravity, elasticity, and trajectories among others. Learning was never so much fun!

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16. Headphones

Why we Recommend it: iClever Boostcare kids headphones are generously recommended to protect vulnerable and sensitive ears with 85dB volume limiting. Study mode or travel mode, choose one you like.

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17. Polyresin & Metal Magic Wand 

Why we Recommend it: This wand is made of premium Polyresin material with a metal (Iron) code inside. In fact, you can use a magnet to check whether it has an iron core or not. It’s attracted to a magnet. There are numerous wands claiming that they have a metal core inside. But most of them don’t have and they are very fragile. However, this wand we are offering here is high-quality polyresin material and actually has a metal core inside.

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18. Jungle Hide and Seek

Promising Review: This is an extraordinary game. Excellent Brain game. Single-player so no need to search for a partner. Kids and Adults will increase analytic and solving skills.
However, I purchased this at Rs.1500 at the local Hamley store. The price at Amazon is too high.-Prabhakar

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19. Frank Macaw Parrots Puzzle

Why we Recommend it: Frank’s range of 500 pieces jigsaw puzzles is suitable not only for older children but also for those who are looking for a challenge. The puzzles are based on a wide variety of themes, such as famous buildings, animals, nature, and others.

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20. Super Word Spy

Why we Recommend it: It’s a game where you search for letter tiles to form words that match the criteria on the Mission Card. Be the first player to do this and the Card is yours! The first player to collect 5 cards WINS the game.

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21. LEGO Friends Summer Fun Water Park Building Set

Why we Recommend it: There are so many ways to play with this fun toy. Mini-dolls can zoom down the 3 slides or relax in the hot tub. Kids can imagine they’re the lifeguard keeping an eye on the swimmers or serve in the ice cream van.

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Hope you find this list of Birthday Gifts for 11 Year Old Girl useful and you are now set to surprise her with the perfect gift!
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